Women's Space

Greetings from Womenspace

Welcome to our September 2023 Newsletter

A special welcome to our new and renewed members: Cara, Irene, Lilia, Lyn, Lynder, Margaret, Michelle and Samantha.

Firstly – AGM invitation and the letter from the Chair.

Invitation to you all to our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 26th October at 4.30pm

The nomination and proxy forms will be posted out tomorrow.

All welcome, to nominate or to vote you need to be current member of Womenspace
https://womenspace.org.au/become-a-member/ – those not certain if holding current membership,
please check with the office (email/call) or come to the meeting little earlier.

Letter from the Chair

Hello Womenspace members and supporters,

I have an ask, but first, let me tell you a little about myself.


In 2019 I became a General Member of the Womenspace Management Committee. In February 2021 I was
invited to become the Chair. I said that I would accept the role for 9 months, till the 2021 AGM.
Well, the 2023 AGM is approaching, and I am still the Chair!


The role is well balanced by responsibilities I enjoy and those that I know have to be done. It is fulfilling work. I
am happy about Womenspace’s achievements over the three years. I met many wonderful women and learned a
lot about our community.

I believe in Womenspace and I have seen it strengthen the lives of many women over these years. I want to
keep contributing, to be part of this organisation for many years ahead but I know if Womenspace is to grow it
needs additional energy I can’t offer.

I am calling on you with an invitation to step up and nominate for a position on the Womenspace Management
Committee. If you feel inclined but not sure if you are able to step into the Chair position straight away, let’s do it
together until the 2024 AGM, when my commitment to this role will finish. This is not an ultimatum; it is an
invitation with open heart and trust for the future of Womenspace.

Give me a call (SMS me and I’ll call back – 0434 357 862) and we’ll have a cuppa.

With very best wishes

Happy to report on programs we mentioned in the last newsletter:

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of our stall at the Einbunpin Festival, new ideas for the future
participation were gathered and by now we have an Einbunpin 2024 subcommittee planning new approach and


What’s on Your Mind?
Three university students associated with Womenspace – Lei, Kei and Sophie (Kei was a presenter at a past
Women Weaving Stories event) prepared and delivered a very successful open discussion What’s on Your Mind?


– exploring ideas relating to Voice to Parliament. Their presentation was deep, serious and at the same time light, with dignity and good humour.

Drawing with the right side of your brain
First delivery of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Suellen Howarth went very well – we were
challenged, we learned, we achieved, we had fun. To give an opportunity to those who were not able to attend
afternoon workshops, the next delivery of Can’t Draw, Are You Sure? Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain will
be in the evening, starting on Wednesday, 4th October from 5.30 – 8pm.
Enrol on Eventbrite: https://tinyurl.com/98d23zw

Our ongoing programs: Women Weaving Stories

Ann Ingamells took two months off from facilitating Women Weaving Stories, but she is back for the October
The August presenter was the storyteller Jenni Cargill-Strong of whom you will read little more later in this
newsletter; and in September we welcomed Jessy Renouf, to respond to the question ‘What does reconciliation
mean to me?’ – Jessy is a proud Gubbi Gubbi, Finnish young woman, a past student of the Sandgate District
State Highschool who still calls Sandgate her home.

The Women Weaving Stories on Friday 13th October will be the last one for 2023 – with Anna Heriot and Tracey
Walker, two published members of Womenspace

What’s behind those glasses, what’s behind that smoke? Follow: https://womenspace.org.au/event/women-weaving-stories-8

Womenspace Writers Group

The Womenspace Writers group led by Ann Ingamells returns for the last set of 7 weekly sessions in 2023 on
Thursday 5th October 2-4 pm – all welcome – you will find something whether you are beginner or experienced.

Womenspace Evening Book Club

Note from Linda Male: The Womenspace Evening Book Club is usually held on the first Tuesday of each month
from 7pm. I say usually because we don’t meet in January or December (we have an end of year dinner instead!)
And we meet a week later (second Tuesday) in November because we’ve found the Melbourne Cup interferes
too much and not many show up! 😊

Our meetings are held in the downstairs room and we usually get 6-10 ladies along to discuss a set book. We
select a year’s worth of books to read in November, and try to choose books that are readily available at the
library. We also try to alternate fiction and non-fiction books. Members take turns in facilitating the discussion,
depending on their other commitments.

October 3rd is “Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and how it changed the World” by Laura Spinney
November 14th is “The Godmother” by Hannelore Cayne.

We are a friendly group of women who love books and enjoy talking about books and sometimes our lives too.
Please come and join us when you can, new ladies are always welcome!


Create and Chat

We are adding to our Chat & Create every 1st Friday of the month from 3.30 to 5.30pm another one!
On fortnightly Fridays between – Fridays 20 October, 17th November and 15th December from 1.00 -3pm
(for more info SMS 0415 603 369)

New additions since the last newsletter:
Women+Young Women+Soup

Our new initiative for cross generational activity turned out very well. While we were aiming for older children, the
mums and 10-14 (and some very precocious 8-year-olds) responded and we had delightful 5 Wednesdays of
making jewellery, knitting with fingers, creating nature pictures, building coral reefs, consuming gallons of soup
and endless number of baguettes with butter. Women+Young Women+Soup workshops are returning for the
second turn of 5-5-5 on 9th October.


MANY thanks to contributing volunteer facilitators of the August/September workshops: Natasha Potter, Lina
Sofia Chapinero, Betsy Mills, Bella Bishop and Suellen Howarth

Yoga Nidra

What a treat to have a meditation session as the introduction to the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
sessions! Now it has its own life: Yoga Nidra – Conscious Relaxation Wednesdays 8.30-9.30am and Thursday

Bring your mat and $12 (members $10)

Full Moon Gathering

A group of storytellers associated with Womenspace offered a fundraiser as a follow-up to the Full Moon

a very special event., will be augmented by th Avenue at 6pm are gaining bigger interest. The October one on
Sunday 29stOur Full Moon gatherings beginning on the Sandgate foreshore near 1

Stories of the Moon, Love and Mystery

With Anne E Stewart, Jenni Cargill-Strong, Bettina Nissen, Deborah Lilly
Drawing on old folk traditions the storytellers will enchant.
Join us at Womenspace on October 29th, 2023 7.30-9pm $10 / $5 members

Garage Sale

Is there anything in your home you don’t need anymore? You don’t have time to organise a Garage Sale? We will
do it for you!
Wednesday, 11 October at 11am

Winter Dinner

Our Winter Dinner (inspired by last year’s pre-Christmas event) was lovely and this year’s pre-Christmas feast
is planned for Saturday 25th November – 1.30arrival for late lunch start at 2pm. Follow the Facebook/Website

Thankyous and Reminders

Special thank you to the Mahjong Sandgate group for the decision to support Womenspace as the charity of
choice with their donations. We are pleased you like this space and congratulate you on your 3rd Birthday!

Anyone interested to join the group, even if you haven’t played Mahjong before, come in on Thursday at 9am
and try it – Denise van Gerrisheim and her team are great teachers.

We like to share our space with individuals or groups / organisations. We like especially returning business, like
The Art of Living – Art of Meditation that returned for a set of workshops in August

Venue Hire

Everyone who comes to our space comments on its friendliness and the good feelings it evokes. The space
comfortably accommodates 30 people – for a meeting/workshop, performance, family celebration; is wheelchair
accessible; and has a well-equipped kitchen. Is there an event in your family too big for your lounge room? Come
to Womenspace … and share the information with others, please!

Memberships and Donations

We are a 100% independent organisation. Your membership fees support the work of Womenspace, so please
make sure you renew your annual membership – $20 covers you for 12 months from date of payment.
Any donations (including coffee/tea, reams of paper, cleaning products, gifts for raffle etc.) help us to
keep going with all the ‘gold coin donation’ activities, open to everyone

Summary of the month - all groups are happy to welcome additional participants:

Wednesday 8.30 – 9.30am: Yoga Nidra
(Bring a mat, $12 – members $10)
Wednesday 10.00 – 11.30am: Cuppa & Chat (ALL WELCOME, a gold coin donation please)
Thursday 9am – 1pm: Mahjong Sandgate ($10 includes morning tea; newcomers welcome)
Thursday 2 – 4pm: Writing Workshop from 5th October ($5 – enquiries sms 0422 136 785) 

Thursday 5.30 – 6.30pm: Yoga Nidra (Bring a mat, $12 – members $10)



Tuesday of the 1st week of the month 7 – 9pm: Book Club with Linda (sms 0466 306 699) 

Friday of the 1st week of the month 3 – 5pm: Garden Club with Rhyll (sms 0438 521 359) 

Friday of the 1st week of the month 3.30 – 5.30pm: Create & Chat with Kaye (0429 002 037) and some 

new additions in October – December, check the Facebook or SMS 0415 603 369 

Friday of the last week of the month at 10.00 – 11.30am: Book Club with Kaye 


Friday of the 2nd week of the month 6pm for 6.30 start: Women Weaving Stories – follow our FB and
website for the speakers of the month (enquiries sms 0434 357 862) 


Saturday of the 1st week of the month 10 – 11am: LAUGHTER Club with Helen Suchting 


FULL MOON walk, gazing with singing bowls and drums – Friday 29 September – meeting at 6pm on
the grass area on 
the foreshore near First Avenue – ALL WELCOME to ALL our EVENTS 




Wednesday 11 October 11am

Garage Sale


Thursday 26th October 4.30pm
Annual General Meeting

Following the Full Moon event on Sunday, 29th October
7.30-9pm Stories of the Moon, Love and Mystery

Drawing on old folk traditions the storytellers will enchant.


How else can you support womenspace?