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Greetings from Womenspace

Welcome to our July 2023 Newsletter

A warm welcome to our new members: Anne, Deborah, Denise, Jan, Jenni, Manica, Stephanie and Suellen.

The last two months went by so fast – very busy with few changes.

After 11 months of streamlining our office procedures our Office Coordinator KayDee Dickson has moved on. We thank her for her diligence and commitment to Womenspace, for her cheerfulness – and wish her the very best in her new work and home. Yes, KayDee was our tenant as well, so with her departure we needed to find a new tenant. We were fortunate – the Office Coordinator’s position is now filled by Georgia Woods (right) and the new tenant is Suellen Howarth (left), so a special welcome to you both.

Visioning with Space Circle

During the recent change-over of tenants in our upstairs apartment, a forgotten visioning board/poster was found. The poster was created by Womenspace members back in 2011-12, during the time when we didn’t have a home or any financial resources to acquire one. Nevertheless, the vision is very clear and what they envisioned THEN is what we have NOW! To realise that was a moment charged with high energy and some tears – Moya was one of the visioning members more than 10 years ago!


To follow – in that empty apartment, with a message from the past – ten active members of Womenspace formed a Space Circle, gathered for visioning what the next page of creating our home will be. The process has only started; the first drafts of the visioning board need to be clarified. What we know already is that all the Space Circle participants agreed we should be in a position where we can use all our spaces for our activities, where we don’t need to rely on the income we gain from renting the apartment.


We are giving ourselves a year to work on it, to finalise the vision, action the vision, review and achieve steady progress. We are doing this at a time when the world is in turmoil on all fronts. The importance of the safety, fairness, and generosity offered by places like Womenspace is growing. We are to stay calm, listen deeply, respect the past, inspire each other and embrace creativity in all we do, and laugh often. 


We are searching for answers to ‘What would women in 4017 like – what is missing?’ We are preparing a questionnaire to use as a starting point for conversations with women at our stall during the EINBUNPIN Festival.


Come to our stall, bring your friends to hear our story, to share your story, to paint some leopard tree seed pods – to grow our Spiral. Support our volunteer work by buying some raffle tickets or – if you are early enough – some pot plants.


Looking forward to seeing you at Einbunpin on Sunday, 30th July.


We are focusing on young women of high school/ early twenties age through our new initiatives.

Drawing with the right side of your brain

Skills learned in this program could lessen the stress of the last school term – or the end of the year madness.

What's on your mind?

The media is full of ‘The Voice’ to Parliament, but if you are like me, you just switch off. Yet we will be voting – or even if we are not voting yet, we can give some thought to it. Women struggled to get a vote, and I’d hate that struggle to be for nothing. So I want to be informed, make up my own mind about things and dare to have my own opinion. I want my voice to count. That’s why I want to have open discussion with people like me, to explore ideas without being judged or put down.  


Families – encourage your daughters – they are our future!!!


Sunday, 20th August 2pm – 4pm 

Women Weaving Stories

By the June presentation Ann Ingamells completed interviewing 30 local women who were generous, brave and wonderful to share with us stories of their lives, to inspire us and often awaken in us memories from our own lives – challenging and uplifting.


In May it was Bettina, the ever-inspiring storyteller. In June – Kei, Sophie and Suellen, each representing a different generation, shared their experiences as ‘caring professionals’.

In July we are to welcome Meg, Danni, and Gill – local small business owners.

Lift by Zivkofit

Preaching to go after the life you dream of is simple for Meg from Lift by Zivkofit as it’s something that Meg implements in her life every single day. Having worked in corporate leadership roles for over 10 years, Meg found her passion for helping people realise their full potential & from there, stemmed her love in helping others the way others helped her.


The Wired Owl Coffee Co

Danni, owner of The Wired Owl Coffee Co loves early mornings – just as well, the lights of the coffee shop are up well before 6am. After a full first half of her day, serving not just coffee, but smiles and support to all who gather in her ‘mini-community hub’, spending the afternoon with her husband and dog Charlee out in nature is the highlight of her day. 


Oak & Ave Textiles +
The Shared Shed

Gill, owner of the colourful Oak & Ave textiles and The Shared Shed (next door to The Wired Owl Coffee) has a background predominately in Fashion Design and Textiles. She is passionate about encouraging other creative people to take a chance on themselves. She quotes Alexander McQueen “You never move forward if you play it safe”.


25th Anniversary of DOUBLE TWO Fashion Design! Congratulations Sharon, a great achievement. We are happy to see you ageing in one place, in the corner of our garden, keep going strong!

Thankyous and Reminders

The workshops offered by Reema Naresh and Jenni Cargill-Strong last month were very successful and they are both planning to bring more offerings to Womenspace in August/September. Keep following our website and Facebook.


The writers group led by Ann Ingamells returns on Thursday 13 July 2-4 pm for the 7 weekly workshops – all welcome – you will find something whether you are beginner or experienced.


We are happy to report on a flock of Mahjong-possessed birds that settles around the edges of card tables at Womenspace every Thursday morning – if you haven’t played Mahjong before, don’t let that stop you! Denise van Gerrisheim and her team are great teachers.

Venue Hire

Everyone who comes to our space comments on its friendliness and the good feelings it evokes. The space comfortably accommodates 30 people – for a meeting/workshop, performance, family celebration; is wheelchair accessible; and has a well-equipped kitchen. Is there an event in your family too big for your lounge room? Come to Womenspace… and share the information with others, please!

Memberships and Donations

We are a 100% independent organisation. Your membership fees support the work of Womenspace, so please make sure you renew your annual membership – $20 covers you for 12 months from date of payment.

Any donations (including coffee/tea, reems of paper, cleaning products, gifts for raffle etc) help us to keep going with all the ‘gold coin donation’ activities, open to everyone.

Thank you.

August Specials

Sunday, 20th August 2:00 – 4:00pm

What’s on Your Mind?

Open discussion with young women to explore ideas related to ‘The Voice’ to Parliament without being judged or put down. 


Friday, 18th August 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start

Winter Dinner

Mark your diary, more information soon on Facebook or via SMS



For more information please follow us on Facebook or website:




Looking for a place to run a workshop, an event or a meeting?


Become a Womenspace Member for $20/year


Office is attended Wednesday and Thursday 12:00noon – 4:00pm

Call or SMS 0431 112 721

Summary of the month – all groups are happy to welcome additional participants!


  • Wednesday 10:00am – 11:30am: Cuppa & Chat (all welcome, a gold coin donation please)
  • Thursday 9:00am – 1:00pm: Mahjong Sandgate (you don’t need experience; we will teach you)
  • Thursday 2:00pm – 4:00pm: Writing Workshop Term 3 starts 13th July (enquiries SMS 0422 136 785)


  • Tuesday of the 1st week of the month 7:00pm – 9:00pm: Book Club with Linda (SMS 0466 306 699)
  • Friday of the 1st week of the month 3:00pm – 5:00pm: Garden Club with Rhyll (SMS 0438 521 359)
  • Friday of the 1st week of the month 3:30pm – 5:30pm: Create & Chat with Kaye (SMS 0429 002 037)
  • Friday of the last week of the month 10:00am – 11:30am: Book Club with Kate (SMS 0429 002 037)
  • Friday of the second week of the month 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start: Women Weaving Stories – follow our Facebook and website for the speakers of the month (SMS 0434 357 862) 
  • Saturday of the 1st week of the month 10:00am – 11:00am: Laughter Club with Helen Suchting
  • Full Moon walk, gazing and drumming – Sunday 2nd August – meeting at 5pm on the grass area on the foreshore near First Avenue – ALL welcome to ALL our events

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