Women's Space

Greetings from WomenSpace!

A special welcome to our new members, Antoinette, Barbara, Belinda, Bette, Georgia, Maria, Martine, Sarah and Yael and all those who visited Womenspace for the first time.

The first of our new monthly events, Women Weaving Stories, was enthusiastically received by a full house. Thank you to Fiona Green, Kylie Heenan and Ludmila Doneman for their stories and to Ann Ingamells for weaving them all together.


We are now preparing the second event for Friday 12th November – ‘Connecting the diversity of women’s stories’.
Our venue is an intimate space that fills up quickly – please book your seat at https://tinyurl.com/women-weaving-stories
The evening will be facilitated again by Ann Ingamells with presenters Ros Harrington and Yael Reiss.

Born on Giabal and Jarowair land, Dr Rosamund Harrington is a cow milking, donkey wrangling, hiking boot/tool belt wearer, mother, partner, daughter, sister, friend. She is a L’Arche Brisbane Community board member. She will share stories of living through trauma, discovering new ways of being in the world, and walking gently on Mother Earth.

Yael Reiss – woman, wife, mother. Psychotherapist, couples therapist, hypnotherapist. Foodie, avid walker, lover of nature and the great outdoors. Loves these things that for her are simultaneously true, simple and magical.

The responses we received after the Women Weaving Stories #1 were wonderful and we are glad the audience heard us. We are looking for future presenters as well as those women who might not be ready to put their hand up for presenting at this stage but are ready to support the project as volunteers on the night or in preparations.
If you would like to be a part of the circle around the Women Weaving Stories, please contact
Ann ingamellsann@gmail.com or Ludmila chair@womenspace.org.au

Sonja Cluff who was in the audience of the Women Weaving Stories #1 talked afterwards very briefly about an idea of starting a set of Sound Circle sessions at Womenspace. Sound Circle? The base to it is in the believe that who can speak, can sing – when feeling relaxed and comfortable to allow your voice to flow, without the fear that you will sing on your own in front of everybody. Adding your voice to the group sound at your own comfort level, listening, hearing what the group is building with their voices, that could be our Sound Circle. If you would be interested to try this idea in the second half of November and into early December (pause as the school holidays start) let us know.
The renovations of our home are progressing well. We are grateful to the team of young people from SANDBAG Inc’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work program for the repairs and additions they completed. The painting of the main house, the dress shop and the fence will be finished in the first half of November – ready for the celebration on Sunday 28th November (please keep reading for more information below).

Thank you for a new marquee to the Hon. Stirling Hinchliffe MP Member for Sandgate, the gift arrived just in time as the old marquee broke down during the recent storm.

We were visited by Councillor Jared Cassidy with whom we shared our activities and the renovation progress. We appreciate his interest, his assistance and ongoing support of Womenspace.

A lot is happening and more is planned for next year – we are looking for more members    and those who would like to join our Management Committee.
To give you an idea how we think about good governance of a NFP (Not For Profit) management committee we are offering a special event …

“Want to be on a Board? – Come along and learn all about it” on Wednesday 3rd November 7-9pm

Sounds a little dry? The workshop will be active, participatory and fun, so come along, meet other women, and learn how you can make your local organisation really hum.

As a lead up to the AGM on the 28th November this will be a workshop for all women who are interested in joining the Board or who think that at some time they would like to become part of the Board.  Active members are welcome too, because members share in the business of making Womenspace what it is and have the important roles of electing the board members and keeping the board accountable to the members.

The workshop will look at what is a Member and what is a Board, how does a Board operate, what are the requirements of a Board member, what are the roles and responsibilities of Board members, when do we have fun, what do the key office bearers do. It will also explore:
What is Womenspace, what is its purpose, how do decisions get made, where does the money come from, what are the current challenges and successes of the organisation that the Board is addressing.

Sunday 28 November from 1.30pm
We will showcase Womenspace activities and developments of the Mural Project and preparations towards marking the 25th Anniversary of this organisation in 2022. We trust you will join us for the afternoon refreshments and the performance around 4pm to conclude the day at 4.30pm with the Womenspace 2021 AGM!
To be able to vote you have to be a member (or renew your membership) – just $20 for 12 months!


EVERY week:

  • Monday 1.00pm – 1.45pm: Chair Yoga with Sylvi (book on 0419 784 114)
  • Tuesday 9.00 – 10am: Yoga with Deb (book on 0432 853 681)
  • Wednesday 10.00 – 11.30am: Cuppa&Chat with Kaye and Rhyll (just turn up, gold coin donation) – ARE YOU INTERESTED IN JOINING A CUPPA&CHAT SESSION BUT WEDNESDAY MORNING DOESN’T SUIT YOU? TALK TO US!

Call Womenspace on 0431 112 721

Every month:

  • Tuesday of the 1st week of the month at 6 – 9pm: Book Club with Linda
  • Friday of the 1st week of the month 3 – 5pm Garden Club with Rhyll followed by
  • Friday of the 1st week of the month 5.30 – 8.30pm Create and Chat with Kaye
  • Friday of 2nd week of the month 6.30 – 8.30pm Women Weaving Stories
  • Friday of the last week of the month at 10.00 – 11.30am: Book Club with Kaye and Rhyll
  • Monday of the 4th week of the month Divine Feminine Women’s Circle with the ‘Feminine Guru,’ Beverley (info on 0403 346 104)
  • Last Sunday morning of the month – workshop Towards Wellbeing with Reema (info on 0431 533 947)

More information – follow us on Facebook: 

call/email Office Coordinator Fiona
0431 112 721 coordinator@womenspace.org.au
The place is ready! Looking forward to meeting you here.