Women's Space

Greetings from the WOMENSPACE!
There are few changes to share in this newsletter, let’s start with a constant – The Cuppa and Chat every Wednesday morning from 10 to 11.30am, open to all (with a coin donation).

The discussions are lively and there is a lot of good will, laughter and connections between newcomers and those who come almost every week, hosted by our always cheerful volunteers Kaye and Rhyl.

Rhyl will be returning to the garden soon and the SEED team managed to squeeze between the downpour the lawnmowing – we are looking good.

Since our last newsletter we’ve welcomed a new member to the Management Committee, a very experienced new Secretary Sharyn Munro.

We’ve also received two resignations: from the Management Committee member Kerry Duff and from our Office Assistant Maddy Carter. We thank both of them for the contributions they made to the WomenSpace and trust that we will see them again in not so far future.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, ‘2021 is the Year of Learning about Good Governance’. The process began with support from a local resident Dr Ann Ingamells. Ann comes with significant board experience and an interest in the development of boards. Whilst she has retired from her formal position as a practitioner, educator and researcher of community development, at Griffith University, she continues to contribute to a number of community organisations. We are very grateful for her contribution – exploring governance in fun ways that make community life richer and more enjoyable. Yes, we quiz and laugh in the first half of our Management Committee meetings!

The Management Committee is a tight team of volunteer workers. We dedicate lot of time and resources to that house on the Second Avenue and to keep WomenSpace going we need to grow a large, interested, engaged, diverse membership. It is vital more than ever to keep connected, to support each other. To be informed, to understand each other and our differences – this is a space for all women. YOUR involvement and help is very much appreciated!

Skip 4 coffees and become a member, the annual membership is $20!!!  giving you 50% off on our events – like the next Playback performance – here is the application https://womenspace.org.au/become-a-member/   and you would receive significant concessions on our venue hire https://womenspace.org.au/room-hire/

We would love to welcome to the WomenSpace and especially to our downstairs venue wider audiences, more participants to various workshops and events.

Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WomenspaceAust

THANK you to everyone that has been supporting our Containers for Change Project! ♻️ Another bin full of bottles and cans is ready to go – bring some more, the second one is filling up!

On Sunday 18th of April we hosted the performance ‘Hear the Story’ by Playback Theatre Red Thread Stories Australia Inc www.redthreadstories.com.au – focused on stories about listening. Those times in our life when we were well heard or heard others well and those times when we didn’t. The performance was very well received by a full house. Many members of the audience came to the WomenSpace for the first time!

The theme/title ‘Hear the Story’ was inspired by Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann’s “Dadirri – inner, deep listening” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tow2tR_ezL8

With very best wishes to you all and with the invitation to keep in touch with us

Ludmila Doneman
on behalf of the WomenSpace Management Committee
May 2021