Women's Space

2020 was a challenging year, but we kept working and gathering together as soon as it was possible and safe: workshops and presentations to mark the IWD, Women Health Week, Mental Health Week, re-opened Book and Garden Clubs, hiring spaces for healing and self-improvement workshops, for yoga – and the monthly gatherings for the full moon walks from our home to the Shorncliffe Pier. On Wednesday mornings we welcomed again all who were interested to join our Cuppa & Chat.

2020 is behind us but conversations still include the phrase ‘But we don’t know’. What we learned during the last year, what we know and understand is that we are looking for and we need more that ever – to belong, that we need each other, that heart and soul doesn’t cope with loneliness.

We started 2021 afresh – welcoming to 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate the vibrant team of Rainbow Speech Pathology,  www.rainbowspeechpathology.com.au whose young clients and their mums enliven our beautiful garden on weekdays.

Our office is upstairs next to the Rainbows – just where the first WomenSpace office was back in 2013.

And we love Double Two Fashion https://www.facebook.com/DoubleTwoFashion/  design and alterations/dressmakers who are still with us in the small house in the corner of our garden.

Our beautiful (wheelchair accessible) downstairs space is finished with a sparkling kitchen & bathrooms and a 7 x 10 meter tiled area that accommodates workshops, presentations, our Management Committee meetings AND the Cuppa and Chat gatherings on Wednesday mornings open to all (every week). Come and check us out – we follow strict COVID guidelines.

Cuppa and Chat every Wednesday

10 – 11.30am           ALL WELCOME

We are very happy to confirm that our application to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund was successful and there will be more improvements to the WomenSpace’s home later in the year.

The work on this grant application was led by Catherine Donaldson who has since resigned from the positions of the Chair and member of the Womenspace Management Committee. Catherine contributed a huge amount of time and energy to this organisation, and we deeply thank her. Without her contribution WomenSpace would not be in the position it has achieved. We are still in the process of handing over this role to Ludmila Doneman who will step up as Acting Chair, to Treasurer Fiona Jones, MC members Michelle McLean, Kerry Duff, Lynette Hickey, Dr Bernadette McShane and Office Assistant Maddy Carter. We now have a vacancy which the committee is seeking to fill. You will hear from us more in the near future.

This year we are taking the first steps along with the SANDBAG and ZONTA Club of Northside, helping them (with our space) to deliver services and support to those who have less than us.

We might not know what is ahead of us but we have each other and we are ready to connect with the wider Sandcliffe community.

Participants of the Self-Care Wellness Workshop, SANDBAG/WomenSpace collaboration:

Representing WomenSpace members at the ZONTA’s celebration of IWD were :

(from left to right) – Cath, Martina, Ludmila, Claire – and Fiona who took the picture

On Sunday 18th of April at 3pm WomenSpace will host performance by Red Thread Stories Australia Inc – www.redthreadstories.com.au       Playback Theatre is improvised theatre based on people’s real life stories and experiences. We spontaneously re-enact people’s story using movement, music and metaphor. The result is a unique experience that brings people together, enlivens and inspires.

Keep tuned-in for further information. It will be an important, special event – please mark your diary

2021 – Year of Learning about Good Governance

Women have a great deal to offer to the governance and leadership of community organisations. Women far outnumber men in the work of caring for the people of the community, yet we often shy away from the governance and leadership roles. Perhaps the usual style associated with these roles is not so attractive to women. If we want a better world, we need women in governance and leadership at the wider public level and here, at the local level. Women’s Space is a wonderful site to explore how governance and leadership currently work and how they could be reinvented so that girls and women aspire to them.

This year we are planning to explore governance in fun ways that make community life richer and more fun. If you are interested in coming on this journey with us, let us know and we will explain further.

Come and join us!     Check us at the Wednesday Chat& Cuppa

With very best wishes to you all and with the invitation to keep in touch with us

The WomenSpace Management Committee

March 2021