Women's Space

Greetings from WomenSpace!

A special welcome to the new members and those who renewed their membership since October: Amy, Carole, Catherine, Cathy, Christine, Fiona, Gail, Jane, Kellyanne, Kylie, Lisa, Rachel and Sarah. The numbers are growing – if you participate in our offerings, if you enjoy your visits to Womenspace, become a member. Invite your friend or neighbour to our Wednesday morning Cuppa&Chat to check us out (gold coin donation, all welcome).


We run on volunteer power, your $20 for 12 months will contribute to an extension of what we can do!

There are weekly and monthly events – try out what might interest you:

Every week

Monday 1.00pm – 1.45pm: Chair Yoga with Deb (book on 0432 853 681)
Tuesday 9.00 – 10am: Yoga with Deb (book on 0432 853 681)
Wednesday 10.00 – 11.30am: Cuppa & Chat with Kaye and Rhyll (all invited – just turn up)
Thursday 9-10am AND 6-7pm Mindful Meditation with Rachel (book on 0415 820 150)

Every month:

Tuesday of the 1st week of the month 6 – 9pm: Book Club with Linda
Friday of the 1st week of the month 3 – 5pm: Garden Club with Rhyll
Friday of the 1st week of the month 5.30 – 8.30pm: Create & Chat with Kaye: 0429 002 037
Friday of 2nd week of the month 6.30 – 8.30pm: Women Weaving Stories: sms 0434 357 862
Friday of the last week of the month at 10.00 – 11.30am: Book Club with Kaye and Rhyll
Last Monday of the month 7.00 – 9.00pm: Divine Feminine Women’s Circle with Beverley: 0403 346 104


It was a joy to be part of the end-of-the-year celebration afternoon followed by our AGM on the last Sunday of November. The event was very well attended; Sarah Hopkins’ performance was stunning; presentations of the workshop facilitators/participants were informative, well done and lot of fun. We went overtime but the audience wanted to hear and most stayed till the end (and helped to pack up – always appreciated).


It was great to see again some of the original and ‘old’ members of Womenspace and hear their praise about the renovated house and lovely garden.


The individual food donations created a feast – Many thanks to ALL

There was an unexpected December Women Weaving Stories evening as we had the opportunity to welcome and hear the story of Sandgate’s Maree Stephenson about her Ten Desert Challenge on her bike “Banjo” earlier in the year. Her bike ride took 127 days, to cover 8,780km, raising
$11,095.09 for Beyond Blue. Maree arrived at Womenspace, with her partner, child, mother, father, a couple of sponsors and the space filled with the energy of this adventurer. Her stories made us laugh hard and within seconds freeze in a thought – how could she have managed that?

Due to the current Covid situation we’ve postponed the start of some 2022 workshops and activities but by now all are back again, and the Women Weaving Stories event returns on 11 March with a very special presentation by Mary Kenny, Moya Burridge and Kaye Abel – three women from three different ‘generations’ of Womenspace. They will present different aspects of what Womenspace means to them – covering the 25 years of the organisation’s existence.
This event will begin the more intensive part of the preparations that began last year, heading towards Celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Womenspace in September.




Womenspace is collaborating with four members of the Health and Wellbeing team from Jabiru Community College on a project called Let Me In (working title only). The project is supported by Lord Mayor’s Better Suburbs Grants Community Support Category. It targets young women of high school age whose horizons might be limited by lack of exposure to the activities and opportunities of their local community and broader area.
At this stage we are in a search of interested young women to join the Jabiru participants. Youth workers, teachers, parents, guidance officers can refer or bring young women (high school age) to this project. We are calling as well to Womenspace members to express interest in becoming volunteer mentors/workshop facilitators/’experience sharers’ as we will be offering list of activities to the young women to choose from crafts, writing, cooking, video making, gardening, storytelling/playmaking, sawing etc

For further information please email chair@womenspace.org.au

Margaret, one of our members, offered her past experiences in running an Op Shop to create an opportunity to fundraise for Womenspace. We are grateful to her for this idea and her commitment. On Wednesday, 30 March from 9.00 to 10.30am our space will turn into a little market full of interesting bric-a-brac, cushions, throws, bed linen, clothes plus whatever YOU would like to contribute. All welcome under the conditions: you will inform us (by morning of the Tuesday 29 March) what you are bringing, how much space you require. You need to understand and agree that what doesn’t get sold you will take away by 12noon of the 30 March.

Get in touch by email coordinator@womenspace.org.au

Following the last week’s visit to the Green P Community Farm in Deagon Racecourse (run with support from the Sandbag Community Centre) Ann and Ludmila were introduced briefly to the women farmers from Burma, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka – recent migrants and community members who want to make friends, learn about growing vegetables, reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on their ‘food miles’.

After introducing themselves (often with help from an interpreter) and taking us around their patches, they sent us home with a bag full of produce. In return we invited them for a lunch at Womenspace after they finish the shift on Wednesday morning. While the original plan was to welcome them at Womenspace on 16 February, due to a religious celebration, including fasting and making offerings at home, we received their apologies and thanks for our understanding. Our lunch is re-scheduled for Wednesday 23 February, around 12 noon.

Come and help us to find out about a possibility of a new relationship, sms your interest to 0434 357 862
Even ABC liked the co-existence of fillies and these farmers :


There is a new workshop offering on Thursdays 9-10am AND 6-7pm in Mindful Meditation with Rachel Therese – call her for information 0415 820 150


Last but not least – WOMENSPACE and SANDBAG presents

Get your ticket HERE, to join us https://womenspace.org.au/become-a-member/

Signing off with the offerings from our garden. Be well!

Ludmila on behalf of the Management Committee