Women's Space


“Without members like you, Womenspace would just not be.  What you may or may not know, is that Womenspace is an all-volunteer management group and  we do not rely on government funding.  We have a  very slim operating margin at present as we seek to grow into our vision to upgrade our premises and continue to create a wonderful unique space for women to connection, development and companionship.
Through your membership, you  help provide a sacred, inclusive and safe space for women of all ages and walks of life to come together, share, and grow.  Your membership gives all our women a resource to be their best selves.  It is much more than just a membership. For some, it can be a lifeline to community connection and a more meaningful life.
If we didn’t have you standing behind us, our community would just not be.  We only ask once a year, and this year because of COVID, we are operating at a much-reduced capacity and revenue at a time when our community is needed even more.  Your membership means even more.

This year, as in 2019, we have reduced our individual membership to reach out to more women to join and to create an affordable option to renew  your membership again.
Can we count on you to join or renew your membership in 2020?”

Please visit our website for options to pay. www.womenspace.org.au

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